Trillion Dollar Coin: Call It In The Air

You have to admit, this is pretty funny. Jon Stewart calling out the oh so 'brilliant' Paul Krugman on the trillion dollar coin farce, and then Krugman... well, he just makes Stewart's case.

Stewart first took on the coin in a segment on "The Daily Show" last Thursday, joking that "if we’re going to make s--- up, I say go big or go home" and suggesting it makes just as much sense to mint a twenty-trillion dollar coin or maybe just "find" a "one-hundred quillion-dollar bill" featuring a centaur and a unicorn as it does to make the trillion-dollar coin. Krugman then blasted Stewart in a Saturday column, "Lazy Jon Stewart," for the show's mockery of the coin.
You can't fault Stewart on that one. If you're going to do it, do it right. But Krugman disagreed and "...blasted Stewart in a Saturday column, 'Lazy Jon Stewart,' for the show's mockery of the coin."

The article goes on to say that Stewart retorted:
"I stand by our research on the topic, the due diligence, and my ignorant conclusion that a trillion-dollar coin minted to allow the president to circumvent the debt ceiling, however arbitrary that may be, is a stupid f---ing idea," Stewart said. "I said, good day. And I’m a fan of Paul Krugman."
The video is classic!

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