And Thus It Began...

Today a 20 year-old murderous ******* went on a killing rampage at a grade school in Connecticut, shooting his mother (a teacher at the school), several other adults, and killing approximately twenty children.

Words cannot convey the loss and pain felt upon learning (and reflecting) about this heinous tragedy.

I don't know the motive yet, maybe no one ever will. It really doesn't matter does it?

No. It does not. Murder was his motive, and murder he did. "As a man thinketh... so is he"

Preliminary reports indicate that this killer was wearing "military tactical clothing", had two handguns, and a ".223 rifle" [not identified, but labeled "assault" rifle]. Without missing a beat, the issue was almost immediately being politicized by the anti-self-defense crowd. They couldn't focus on what really mattered for one day: The victims, the pain, the loss. Not even for just ONE day before turning it into the politics of power & control over law-abiding citizens.

I wrote these thoughts down earlier today, but hesitated to post them anywhere until now but the politicization is sickening me:
The sadness, the loss of this day recalls 9/11 to my mind.

Pray for the victims.
Condemn the murderer.
Proclaim Peace, and hope that more hearts are moved to embrace it.
Above all protect the innocent.

Couldn't we save the politics & finger pointing (against those no way involved in the offense) for another day? Sadly, no. The anti-gun [anti-self-defense] shouting was almost immediate.

Murderers like this will always find a way to commit their atrocities.

Laws, bans, confiscations can't stop them--guns, knives, baseball bats, homemade explosives (made from simple household goods), crashing planes into buildings. What is there that can't be turned to evil purposes? And, the results are the same: Innocent people die. Lives are shattered. Families are ripped apart. The abominations people have committed against each other throughout time are horrific.

Words can be the worst weapon of all, inciting one group to subjugate, kill & maim another.

The devastation a single individual can impose upon others, if they really have mind to, is staggering--and the weapons that can be used for such deeds are virtually infinite.
If just one of the staff had been carrying concealed, just maybe we would not be mourning so many losses today.


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Clif said...

the issue was almost immediately being politicized by the anti-self-defense crowd.

The anti-self-defense crowd? I don't know anyone who is anti-self-defense. Nobody. Nadie.

This is the mother of all false dichotomies. If you are opposed to the possession of weapons that can mow down 50 people in a minute, then you are against self-defense? That's some really twisted logic there.

The 12 gauge shotgun is the best home defense weapon ever devised. Far from being a pacifist, I wouldn't think twice about blowing someone's head off with my 12 gauge if they came into my house with the intent to harm my family. Does that sound anti-self-defense to you?

Here's the thing...I don't need a Tec-9 semi-auto with a 50 round magazine to defend myself or to hunt.

Yes, the vast majority of such weapons are owned by law-abiding citizens. But I ask you, what purpose do these weapons serve? Why should anybody have them? The gunman's mother owned these guns legally. Look what happened.

The answer to gun violence is more guns? Elementary school teachers should start packing now? Are you insane? Don't you realize that guns are far more likely to cause unintended deaths than they are to actually halt a criminal? You can cite all the anecdotes that you wish to. The aggregate statistics tell a completely different story.

I am sick and tired of the idea that firearms are sacrosanct and that firearms can't be regulated in any way, shape, or form.

I am sick and tired of the hearing that individual liberties always trump any sort of legitimate concerns about public safety.