Jon Stewart Smacks Down Mainstream Media

Wha...? REALLY! I know it's unbelievable. He lets ACORN AND the media have it.

No really. I'm serious! Yes, THAT Jon Stewart. Oh just watch the video...

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Clif said...

Yeah, when the first one of these came out I blew it off as irrelevant.

And then another came out, and another, and another...

Holy crap!

chronicon said...

I already had a poor (to say the least) view of ACORN--but even I'm stunned by the level of their corruption. I mean, if they are this bad at the lowest levels, what's the top like?

And you KNOW it's bad if Jon Stewart puts the hit on their idiocy AND the media's lack of attention. Maybe there's hope for him yet? LOL

Time for a wake up call. If I were wealthy (which I may be according to the ever shifting line of demarcation drawn by the administration) I would buy all my friends and family a copy of Malkin's Culture of Corruption.