"November Revolution"

Here another article by John Griffing, America's 'November Revolution' (April 19, 2009). It is so succinct I hesitate to even bother commenting—you should just read his piece.

He outlines most of the major power grabs and gyrations towards socialism perpetrated by the BHO administration within the last few months. BHO's intentions were always clear, and he defined them himself all along the campaign trail, but I guess not enough paid attention to what he was saying—or worse, they didn't care.

We should not be surprised by any of this. What is surprising however (as the article mentions) is just how fast they are moving!! I would not be shocked to see all of his major leftist-socialist agenda 'reforms' in place by the end of the year.

Salient points from the article:
  • BHO capitalizes on the executive powers expanded during the Bush administration
  • BHO "[manipulates] domestic events... creating artificial crises to enhance his own power"
  • BHO seeks to "cement" American's dependence upon Government economically (which touches just about every other aspect of your life)
  • BHO intends to establish "...a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded [as the military]."
  • BHO intends to virtually repeal the 2nd Amendment and reinstate the so-called "Clinton Assault Weapons Ban"
  • BHO intends to gain the power to "shut off" the internet at will in the interest of national safety. S.733 Cybersecurity Act of 2009
    • Now there is control! Goods & services would grind to a halt instantly! We rely upon computers and networks so much it truly is frightening what would happen if they couldn't "talk" to each other all of a sudden. There is also a measure under consideration [it may be in the same bill] to give the Government power over private networks in the name of security. This is a very bad thing...
  • On and on and on... read the article
    • The Orwellian section on "education" towards the end is especially disturbing to me. It could be considered over the top except for this creepy video, and other incidents...

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