Nature Rocks!

No one will ever read this, believe me I know. No one reads this blog. It doesn't help that I don't post anything to it I suppose...

Regardless, I think that if I were ever to compose lyrical music (as opposed to simple guitar riffs & harmonies, which I do constantly) I would follow something Richard Feynman talked about in a book of his that I've read entitled: Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Adventures of a Curious Character). He said something about no one writing music regarding the immense coolness of nature. Music about quantum physics for instance, you know, stuff that deep down below our mundane lives is beautiful and vitally essential. Stuff nobody cares or even thinks about, but just maybe they should. Something like that. I'll find the quote and update this lame entry...

Anyway... I like to think (now) that if I were ever to write lyrical music that I would focus on the beauty of nature, in and of itself. Not in some kind of "GO GREEN, SAVE THE WORLD" kind of nonsense, but in the essence of what he was really talking about. (Personally, I think he would have a fit if he heard people telling him that CO2 was some kind of poisonous gas endangering us all! No, he wouldn't have a fit, he would probably just laugh hysterically.)

The book is cool. You should read it.

I don't always agree with him or his lifestyle, but he was certainly one of a kind, and a man to be admired--if only for his sheer joy of discovery.

Would that we all enjoyed learning new things as much as he did. The world would be a far better place for it. Feynman, you're love of nature, learning and discovery ROCK!